Vermont Teddy Bear Websites

As senior web designer at Vermont Teddy Bear, I was responsible for the look and feel of their three e-commerce sites; Vermont Teddy Bear, Calyx Flowers, and PajamaGram. During my tenure, we developed a bi-lingual version of the Teddy Bear site and a custom engine for customizing “Your Bear”, as well as conducting A/B testing on different design and product approaches. The animation above shows a creative solution for animating special edition Spock and Kirk bears that did not require Flash, using Adobe After Effects pixel generating effect, exported as a GIF animation, improving load time and compatibility.


User Interface Design

The Holiday season in 2009 was especially challenging because we were rolling out a Spanish version of our site while developing AJAX-driven personalization options. This required a lot of planning and coordination with the developers on my team to strategize on how to quickly implement updates that required english and spanish changes in code and imagery, and how to best circulate iterations for proofing and approval.