Star Trek™ Official Store

The Official Star Trek Store was managed for CBS Studios by Resolution, Inc. an e-commerce solutions company that provided e-commerce store development, fulfillment, and product development including sourcing and on-demand customization and manufacturing services. Working for Resolution, I developed prototype designs for an updated Star Trek store, developed prototypes for their Facebook Online store and developed concepts for special products for Comic-Con 2012. 


Star Trek™ Official Store Apparel Design

“First Contact”, April 5th, 2063 is a special day for “hardcore” Star Trek fans, celebrating the date and year that humans first made contact with Vulcans. I designed this t-shirt to be sold online and at Comic-Con 2012. The only directive from CBS studios was that it include the Vulcan salute hand gesture. My vision was to make it graphic and subtle, making the words a string of data that used light and dark shades to convey the salute and the year 2063.